Nope, this isn’t a model. This is MMA fighter Carina Damm, dubbed ‘Barbie Girl’ by the Brazilian media. Damm has the dubious honor of being the first female MMA fighter to be pinched for using steroids. She tested positive for Nandrolone (Sherk’s brand of juice) at a FFF event earlier this year in California.

Damm also has something else in common with Sean Sherk: she denies that she took steroids.

“To me that whole thing is just harassment and a procedure incorrectly them but to resort to what happened I would have to have a budget that I have, then the way is waiting for the suspension end,” says the bounder, promising back in style: “My suspension is until April, then once you go, everyone can wait for my return and have a single certainty: every day that I am expecting more of the thirst for victory,” says Jane, who returned to Brazil after a season in the United States.

We’ve heard the ‘incorrect procedure’ argument used over and over and over against the CSAC, and now interim director Bill Douglas has completely suspended drug testing while their procedures are looked over and re-vamped. I don’t know enough to say either way if Damm is innocent or not but if those who test clean aren’t using steroids, and those who test dirty aren’t using steroids, then who the fuck is using steroids? There’s a lot of people in the know who say the number of fighters juicing is scary high, but no one is willing to go on the record and offer any kind of proof.

What do you guys think?