Check out the newest bullshit excuse why the ban on mixed martial arts in New York may not be lifted this year:

The drive to legalize Mixed Martial Arts in New York is likely to become a new casualty of the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal.

Women’s groups that have long opposed the sport, calling it sexist and barbaric, are upset at Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for his mishandling of sexual harassment complaints against Lopez.

A source close to Silver said passing a mixed martial arts law now might further inflame the women’s groups — as well as exacerbate tensions between Silver and several assemblywomen that have developed since the scandal.

“I don’t think this is the year,” the source said. “I think it’s unlikely.”

So let’s lay this out: democratic assembly member Vito Lopez has a history of sexually assaulting female staffers. Not only did Silver know about this shit, he actually signed off on a secret $100,000 settlement to try and keep two complaints from leading to an ethics committee investigation. Because this scumbag decided to protect another scumbag, MMA may remain illegal in New York.

Honestly, I didn’t think I could get more cynical about the political process, but this MMA in New York story continues to find new ways to shock and amaze me.