So that dude with no arms or legs was denied a license from whatever liquor store doubles as the Georgia State Athletic Commission. And of course that dude is now going to appeal, and if necessary, sue. I’d feel worse for this particular guy if right at this exact moment there wasn’t a fully capable seven foot tall Korean guy also denied his right to fight in America. But hey, when this dude does it, he’s “overcoming adversity”. But when a Korean does it, he’s being reckless and endangering himself.

Let’s never mind the fact that this “MMA match” in Georgia would be a sham. State regulations mean no strikes to an opponent on the ground, effectively making any match with this guy a grappling match. That’s the real reason why he’s concentrating on this athletic commission and isn’t going to let things go without a fight: this is pretty much the only state where he’s capable of crossing MMA off his big list of things he’s accomplished in his oh so handi-capable life.

I dunno. I wish I had some kind of real stand on this issue. I’m just feeling annoyed. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired of living in a politically correct world where a guy with no limbs can pretend to fight in an MMA match, or because I just got a 200$ parking ticket for parking in a handicap zone. Regardless, I’m not in a very sympathetic mood towards ‘those people’ right now.