Shocker of all shockers, Gabriel Gonzaga’s appeal to the Nevada State Athletic commission over the crazy dangerous elbows to the back of the head he received from Travis Browne has been denied:

The appeal was filed on April 17th with the Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer. The appeal contended that the referee, Chris Tognoni, failed to acknowledge the illegal blows which directly lead to the loss. Kizer deferred the decision to the Nevada Attorney General’s office based on the fact he was unaware of any statute that would allow the change of this type of TKO loss.

Ah, the good ol ‘No remedy’ answer, which basically states that the rules have no solution for a slightly strange situation, so the commission is free to shrug and say ‘Sorry, I guess you’re shit outta luck.’ Few will shed any tears for Gonzaga though … he was obviously finished before the admittedly very huge and very illegal elbow got dropped right where his head and neck meet. Safety and sympathy concerns aside, if the Gods of MMA themselves were summoned to render a verdict, it would be against Gonzaga. So even if it’s for the wrong reason, at least the commission’s result was right this time.