Interesting: Sarah Kaufman’s contract is set up so she only gets a win bonus if she finishes her opponent.

Canadian Sarah Kaufman made a basic purse of US$10,000 for her win over Liz Carmouche at Saturday’s Strikeforce Challengers card in Las Vegas.

The Victoria welterweight won a unanimous decision over the former U.S. marine sergeant. But she missed out on an extra $5,000 because her contract stipulated she would only get a win bonus if she scored a KO, TKO or submission.

Usually fighters get their win bonus regardless of how they finish off an opponent.

Kaufman’s purse was further reduced by $3,000 in U.S. tax, $125 in licenses and $178 in routine medical tests, according to the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

The final total was $6,696. Carmouche made $2,500.

Before crying too much for Sarah, keep in mind that headliner Bobby Voelker only made 5k/5k and even WEC guys like Chad Mendes (who’s on the cusp of a featherweight title shot) were earning 5k/5k in the WEC. So it’s not like this is purely a ‘women getting paid less’ thing – more like a ‘sucks to be in Zuffa b-leagues’ thing. Okay, maybe it sucks to be a woman in the b-leagues if you’re Liz Carmouche. I hope Girlzillas like ramen…

(image via All Elbows)