I can remember a time when my college roommate wanted to “make it known” that he was interested in dating this sorority chick. Every time he was within shouting distance of this girl he looked like Shaq at the foul line – this dude could sweat. Unfortunately for my buddy he was never able to garner the attention of that sorority sista, and instead settled for the overbearing biatch down the hall who acted like the second coming of Vlad the Impaler. You can’t beat love though, right?

Speaking of settling it looks like Nick Newell finally got his wish, sort of. The former XFC lightweight champion signed a multi-fight contract with the World Series of Fighting. All you Nick Newell maniacs out there must be shaking your head in disbelief after he campaigned like a 8th grader runner for school president to fight in the UFC, but Newell’s no spring chicken and he’s looking to get his fight on, now.

“At 27 years old, I want to get to the top as soon as I can,” he said on a recent episode of The MMA Hour. “No more playing around. I want to fight the guys who will get me where I want to be.”

So maybe it’s not the UFC but this deal will give Newell the platform to fight bigger names on a much bigger stage (we’re talking PPV, yo). Plus, if Notorious wants his shot in the octagon this is the road he’ll have to travel – especially when Uncle Dana giving you the cold shoulder, bro.

(pic via Nick Newell’s Facebook)