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Nick Diaz be crazy. That’s what people continue to say as he stutters and mumbles his way through the final days of press requirements. He was his usual agitated self at the UFC 158 press conference, wondering why he’s always being portrayed as the disrespectful bad guy as he … acted like a disrespectful bad guy. And here he is from a radio interview where he comes out and says what he’s kinda been hinting at for the past year and a half: that Georges St Pierre is on steroids.

“I believe that he’s on plenty of steroids and I don’t believe they’ve tested him as well,” Diaz said. “I don’t care what they’re saying or marketing to the media. I don’t think either of us are going to be tested. And if so, he’s probably got a bottle of piss in his pocket. I doubt they’re standing over him, making sure he’s not on steroids.”

Asked by the hosts, Tim Micallef and Sid Seixeiro, if he really meant what he just said, Diaz followed “Sure, why not? Lance Armstrong is on steroids, and it was really a ridiculous thing that he was on steroids, as far as he was concerned.”

That last part isn’t exactly clear, so let’s try and translate from Diaz-speak: Lance Armstrong blew away the competition for years and swore he never did anything, but the truth of the matter was he was on EVERYTHING. Before anyone else could even get their hands on it. He was, like, the champion of cheaters and this should have been painfully obvious to anyone with half a brain. So maybe Diaz sees this jacked up white boy dominating in MMA and thinks it’s ridiculous that people would think he ISN’T doing steroids.

Of course there’s no evidence whatsoever that Georges has ever touched anything. But it would take more than a little urine to catch an elite athlete’s doping. You’d need blood testing, something that’s obviously not happening. So basically there’s no way to know – we’re just taking Georges at his word. Which is kinda unfortunate for Georges in a way, because it means Nick Diaz can run his mouth on the subject and we’ll never know for sure one way or another what is what.