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Every time one of these media events arrives, people line up in hopes to witness another Nick Diaz special, whether that comes via skipping the ‘beauty pageant’ and throwing double F U fingers to his phone in a video blog or going off on another classic tirade about everything and nothing. Yesterday’s media conference call featured the latter. Nick yelled and swore and talked over Georges and basically came off like a raving lunatic. But shockingly enough, there was a lot of sanity in some of the quotes gleaned from the call. Transcribed by Bleacher Report:

“I just think that I should be given the credit that I deserve and that Georges St-Pierre should be given this sort of decorated opponent that he deserves. I’m hardly that from the fan’s perspective or from the people’s perspective and that makes me pretty angry. He’ll tell you right now that he believes I’m the right guy to be in this position and I think that’s for a very important reasoning. I think that should be brought to the table and I think a lot of the time that’s where my attitude comes from.

“I think it’s disrespectful that people try to act like I’m not important. You know who I am, everybody knows who I am, Georges knows who I am, and I know that if I were in his position, I would especially know who I am.”

“My life’s a mess, I’m not afraid to admit it,” said Diaz.  “I work hard regardless through this s—t. I don’t have people telling me off and handing me water bottles left and right and getting my training ready for me and getting my s—t ready.  I’ve got to do all that s—t on my own.  Everyday I know it that I’m out here doing it on my own and that’s why I know I have to go that much harder and concentrate even more because I don’t have people sending tweets out for me, I don’t have people taking care of my money or financials, obligations, all of that what have you.  All that stuff that’s important that people talk about, I’m pretty f—ked there because I’m too busy fight all your fights, I’m too busy entertaining the fans. I don’t see anybody else bringing s—t to the table.

“If I wore some tight shorts out there and got a f—king haircut and I had someone buttering me up halfway telling me this bulls—t, maybe it would have worked out.  You don’t even know where I come from, trying to talk about where you come from.  You shoot this s–t over here, nobody wants to come out here.  Nobody gives a s—t,” said Diaz. “I’m not jealous. You did the right s—t what you had to do.”

“You’re making those statements to the whole world that I am this piece of s—t that deserves to be beat down.  Then you let Dana talk like I’m the most disrespectful person that you’ve ever met and I deserve to take an ass-whooping and you’re going to beat the s—t out of me?  And you let him say that?”

“Check it out motherf—ker, I pull up to a stoplight the other day and some f—king 40-year-old lady, some soccer mom sticks her head out the window and says ‘I hope GSP beats your ass!’  We’re in f—king Lodi b—ch.  I’m like are you serious?  We are in Lodi right now. That’s f—king wonderful, I’m living in a small town full of people that hate me over here.  I’m trying to f—king work my way up into a fight and now I’m the most disrespectful person that walks the earth, that I deserve to have the s—t beat out of me, and I’m just this disgusting person,” Diaz said.

“Because you know what?  When you say something everybody f—king believes it.  Everybody wants to know what Georges thinks and what Georges says and want to look how Georges looks and wear tight shorts like Georges and get strong.”

See, those are some perfectly sound points right there. But because they came interspersed between 30 minutes of not so sound rambling and shouting, it’s easy to miss. None of this is surprising to anyone who knows Nick Diaz. As it is put so succinctly, it is simply Nick being Nick. And everyone loves it. Or they love hating it. Either way, it works out for the UFC because people give a shit and a fight that was logically starting to look a little predictable now has some fire behind it.