When Nick Diaz says he’s going to start a promotion, that means Nick is going to start a promotion, bitch.  Seems like that escalated rather quickly.  If you happen to be in beautiful Stockton, California this weekend, good news: there’s something to do Saturday night besides mill around the nightly tire fire behind the 7-11.  WAR MMA is set to go down in the Stockton Arena and Ticketmaster tickets will only run you about $110 bones for a main floor seat.  No, I’m not kidding.  But rumour is, if you head over to Ziggy’s Smoke Shop you can score tix for a mere $20.  Still not cheap enough?  Look, you can watch it for free if you want, okay?  (Note, no free contact high guaranteed from streaming.)  But be cool and make a donation so Nick can pay the IRS to support the fighters.

[youtube PCLKaOtbklI]

Rules lean toward Pride, with use of a cage rather than a ring, and no elbows to the head of a downed opponent.  No surprise there coming from Diaz.  Your fight card for the evening:

Daniel Roberts   vs.   Justin Baesman  WW

Caleb Mitchell   vs.   Evan Esguerra  FW

DJ Linderman   vs.   Mike Hayes  HW

Mike Persons   vs.   Clayton McKinney  MW

Darin Cooley   vs.   Cody Gibson   BW

Roy Boughton   vs.   Liron Wilson  HW

Chris Quitiquit   vs.   Dominic Clark  LW

Weigh-ins tomorrow at Buffalo Wild Wings, Stockton!