After spending the last few months watching the UFC sell wolf tickets, it seems like Nick might be looking to sell a few of his own.  The latest word from the 209 is that Diaz is getting into the fight promoting game. The California State Athletic commission has confirmed that Nick is applying for a temporary license and if that is granted, you can look forward to WAR MMA on June 22nd in Stockton. As for who will fight … hold onto your butts:
This is of course just a tweet from an account we’re not even 100% sure is currently being driven by the Diaz brothers, and I’ve learned not to count my twitter chickens before they hatch out into the real world, but still. Wouldn’t this be the freakshow to end all freakshows? And Nick Diaz is just crazy enough to try and pull it off. And when Shaq turns the fight down? No worries, homey. Nick can step right in and fight Canseco himself!

(pic by Eric Bolte for USA Today)