There was a press conference for UFC 137: Diaz vs GSP yesterday in Canada, and guess who didn’t show up? Georges St Pierre! Har dee har, oh what a lark. I think that dude would spiral into an OCD meltdown if he accidentally showed up for a dentist’s appointment 10 minutes late. It was Nick Diaz, because Nick Diaz don’t do dese tings:

Gracie said his fighter’s absence is regrettable, but he also said Diaz will be in attendance for a press conference held Wednesday in Las Vegas. “Nick is going to be there tomorrow, and we’ll go from there,” he said.

“Nick doesn’t really do the conference calls with a guy he’s fighting; he just never has,” Gracie then told reporters. “It’s just not in his psyche. He’s too busy training right now to answer any questions.” 

You read correctly, there’ll be another press conference today in Vegas at 4PM. As a good guage for whether Nick will show up for this one, smoke some weed and then try to find the motivation to do some stuff you hate doing, like cleaning up behind the toilet or answering stupid questions from journalists who need a slap. See how much of that ends up getting done and you’ve probably got your answer right there.

As for how the UFC is taking this highschool hookey style behavior, thus far they seem to be taking it with a bit of humor. Lorenzo Fertitta just tweeted “Anyone know where nick diaz is?” and Dana White is turning promotional lemons into lemonade by encouraging people questioning Nick’s attendance to “tune in” and see if he shows.

If that’s how you wanna play it, the UFC is streaming the press conference right here. Otherwise we’ll be there afterwards with all Nick’s excellent rambling pothead answers or an editorial asking why he’s trying to sabotage his career by fucking with the UFC.