Nick Diaz’s lawyer totally curveballed the Nevada State Athletic Commission by pointing out pot metabolites = out of competition usage = legal, so the commission decided to change their tack and use those metabolites to prove that *gasp* NICK DIAZ LIED ON SOME FORMS! And just in case you were wondering, yes that sounds just as petty in legalese:

6. The day before the Contest, on February 3, 2012, DIAZ completed his Pre-Fight Questionnaire, attached hereto as Exhibit 1, wherein he answered “No” to each of the following questions:
Do you have any serious medical illnesses, conditions?
Have you taken / received any prescribed medications in the last two weeks?
Have you taken / received any over the counter medication / products in the last two weeks?
DIAZ signed his Pre-Fight Questionnaire directly below the statement: “I hereby attest that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.”
By answering “No” to one or more of the questions referenced in paragraph six, DIAZ provided false or misleading information to the Commission or a representative of the Commission.

20. Marijuana Metabolites are not drugs approved by the Commission.

21. NAC 467.886 provides in pertinent part as follows:

1. A person licensed by the commission shall not engage in any activity that will bring disrepute to unarmed combat ….

22. By testing positive for Marijuana Metabolites, DIAZ has violated NAC 467.850 and 467.886.

23. By providing false or misleading information to one or more questions on his Pre-Fight Questionnaire, DIAZ has violated NAC 467.885 (3).

Isn’t it fun watching Nick Diaz get railroaded for pot use while testosterone replacement therapy is A-OK? I’m glad the system makes sense and has its priorities straight.