Saturday night’s co-main event featured Gilbert Melendez defending his strap against Josh Thomson, and it was a pretty entertaining battle that saw Melendez take a ‘controversial’ split decision win. I’m not really sure what all the controversy is about … Mel won rounds 1, 2, and 3 while Thomson took 4 and 5. All that post-decision booing just had to do with Josh taking those last rounds in more dominant fashion than Gilbert took his. Maybe in Japan that’d earn you a win, but this is the States and the 10 point must system cares not for your late fight rallies!

If Josh hadn’t backpedaled his way through the first half of the fight, we might have a new Strikeforce lightweight champ. As it is, Gilbert Melendez ends up taking a hit on his ‘#1 lightweight in the world’ claim. That’s what you get for spending the entire lead-up to your fight downplaying your opponent’s abilities, man.

Oh, and Gil also came off like a tool after his fight. Here he is trying to get a flinch out of one of the boo-birds.

(gifs via jillsandwich and reddit)