You’d think a headline like “New York Senate approves MMA regulation” would be good news, but it’s really just more of the same old same old. In 2009 the legislative session ended before an MMA bill could be passed. And then in 2010 it happened again. My exact words were “See you in June 2011 when we go through all this crap for nothing again!” I don’t like to toot my own horn when I’m right, so I’ll just play sad trombone instead:

the New York Senate today voted 42-18 in favor of Bill S1707A. It’s a small victory for MMA fans in the Empire State, and the effort to legalize the sport will now shift to the New York State Assembly.

Assembly bill A04146, the New York State Assembly’s version of the legislature that was passed in today’s vote, was referred to the committee of tourism, parks, arts and sports development in February and has remained inactive since. A vote on the bill has not yet been scheduled, but interested observers can track the progress of the process here.

The current New York State Assembly session ends June 20, and there are just 12 days of business remaining in that period.

Yes, if our unscheduled little orphan of an MMA bill doesn’t get passed in the next three weeks, it’s back to square goddamn one again. I hope you’re getting a good look at how your government runs, America. No one ever told me that Schoolhouse Rock song ‘I’m a Bill’ was supposed to be like ‘The Song That Never Ends.’