Hey all, sorry there hasn’t been more posts from the book but I’ve been up to my neck with trying to fix the final ‘everyone appears offline’ bug from the site update. Plus the massive MMA news upheaval lately has made it hard to set aside the two hours I’ve promised myself I’d work on the book every day. But enough lame excuses.

For now I wanted to show off a new little tool that Google built into their Reader app. As you may or may not know, I do about 90% of my web reading through RSS feeds in Google Reader – it’s the fastest way to digest a shitload of news in a short amount of time. Before I surfed the web the boring missionary way. Now it’s a multi-site gangbang 24 hours a day. It makes slurping at the delicious internet straw much more enjoyable and I heartily endorse learning how to get in on the action.

Anyways, the new feature is the ability to highlight anything you find on the web that’s interesting and share that info on a ‘Share’ page. So now I can just select specific paragraphs and images from across the web and dump them easily in one place. I’m gonna be playing with this over the next few days as an attempt to capture all the MMA snippits I find relevant, and you can follow how it goes on my Share page:


Think of it as my Nick Thomas style blog. Zinger!

PS: Anyone interested in the training blog coming back? I’m down to 198 pounds and I think blogging about it will help me keep dropping my weight down.