We’ve added some new writers to the crew: welcome agentsmith, grappo, and scissors61 to the team! With the addition of these guys we’re changing up the way you guys post on FL – it will be like it was with the betas where you post something, I’ll skim it and clean up any formatting / ish and then post it up on the front page. I’ll do my best to make sure everything goes up nice and fast.

I had mentioned stuff about sub-pages but for now everyone’s stuff is just gonna be on the front page. Once the new site design is done we’ll look at the sub-page stuff again but for now we’ll just concentrate on quality shit for the front page.

As in the past, there’s no requirement for you to do more than you ever feel like doing. You can pick stories from the links thing or write something of your own. As we get into the groove of things we’ll start developing contend ideas for the week together. It’s a learning experience right now, don’t hesitate to message or email me ([email protected]) with any thoughts, questions, ideas, etc.