Apparently, Quebec isn’t the only place where commissions round down:

According to Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Keith Kizer on Tuesday, officials in the state “go by half-pounds so I round down to the nearest half-pound.”

In Nevada, added Kizer, the scales used go up and down by .2 pounds, so 170 pounds, 170.2 pounds and 170.4 pounds would be rounded down to 170 pounds and be considered to have made weight in the welterweight division. A fighter at 170.6 pounds or 170.8 pounds would round down to 170.5 pounds and be given up to one hour to lose the necessary weight.

In the state of New Jersey, which features another influential athletic commission, common practice includes making exact weight (or less) for championship bouts.

Nick Lembo, counsel for the New Jersey Athletic Control Board, said on Tuesday that his agency “will allow one pound over on a contract weight, unless the promoter denies such allowance. However, the caveat is that most promoters want major title fights to be dead-on weight. Thus, 170 becomes exactly 170 or less.”

And here I was thinking weights were accurate to a tenth of a pound. I’VE BEEN LIVING A LIE! A GODDAMN DIRTY LIE!