Expand far enough into Eastern Europe, and you’re going to start running into some scary fascist types. I’m kind of amazed that Bellator hasn’t tripped over a few with its aggressive scouting of Russia … instead, it’s the UFC that might have signed a Neo-Nazi. Shortly after they signed Benjamin ‘The Hooligan’ Brinsa, this disturbing information came out:

Brinsa is a member of the Leipzig-based hooligan group Scenario LOK. Brinsa’s MMA team, La Familia, reportedly has connections to the local Neo-Nazi scene, and Brinsa himself used to help run a mail-order service for Neo-Nazi rock music. Here are a few excerpts from German news articles that share more details about Brinsa’s questionable background and connections (rough translations via Google)…

La Familia [is where] violent neo-Nazis from the spectrum of the “National Boys” train (JN) and the sponsors and fighters of LaFamilia are known neo-Nazis.

Brinsa is a member of the right-hooligan group “Scenario LOK” from Leipzig and posed behind a banner reading “ultras LOK – National Resistance”. In addition, he was with Thomas Persdorf, a nationally known neo Nazi and operator of the shipment “Front Records”, registered as a director of a company that managed the site “Aryan Brotherhood”. According to information from the Leipzig anti-fascist magazine “Gamma,” he is said to have worked as a janitor in the “national center” in Leipzig-Lindenau.

The UFC had this info as soon as the rest of the internet, and seems to be doing the right thing here. Dana White made it clear to Ariel Helwani on their UFC WORLD TOUR OF AWESOMENESS 2013 that confirmation of these facts would lead to Brinsa’s firing:

“He put out a statement saying he’s never been associated – yes he was a ‘soccer hooligan’, I don’t even know what the fuck that means. But obviously, the guy’s undefeated and we are going to look into it and if he’s in any way shape or form invovled in racist groups, neo nazi groups, or anything negative like that he will be cut.”

“But I don’t want to jump the gun because some people are tweeting stuff and ruin this guy’s life if it’s not true. So we’re gonna look into it. I’ve literally got a whole team of lawyers and everyone else looking at it right now in Vegas and if it’s true…”

There seems to be a pretty large body of evidence pointing towards it being very true, but I guess when it comes to actually shitcanning someone over stuff like this you want to confirm your facts one step further than just reading about them via a Google Translated article. But at least we can rest easy knowing fascist fighters aren’t about to start sneaking through the backdoor into the UFC.