Nate Marquardt is an enigma. He has an unshakable faith in Jesus, but he doesn’t hesitate to bend the rules a bit in order to try to break his opponent’s neck. He is the sweetest, meekest, most soft-spoken guy in the world, but he is juiced out his ass AND his balls. Now, adding further to the enigma, Dana White believes that Nate Marquardt is “disgusting and has no business fighting” for Zuffa, but he will be returning to the Zuffa-Forza promotional umbrella, likely fighting for the Strikeforce welterweight title against Tyron Woodley later this year.

This is a very good development for Marquardt, who is probably itching for a paycheck. He was cock teased by BAMMA for several months without ever actually fighting for them, and he is a pretty generous guy (when I went to his gym as a guest, he refused to even charge me a drop-in fee,) so he deserves to be able to make some money fighting. It remains to be seen how Marquardt will withstand the cut to 170 pounds, but he really had nowhere to go in the UFC middleweight division. Ergo, Strikeforce is not a bad place for him to end up.

This move also lends Strikeforce some much-needed talent. Maybe this was Dana White’s grand plan for Strikeforce once it “handed over the reigns”: to turn it into Australia. If you’re “disgusting”, have bad BO, got hit with your second steroid suspension, or throw sucker punches, they can send you to the promotion where all the misfits earn their bread. Some pretty good fighters are misfits, so I would watch this. They could invite Renato “The Asshole” Sobral back under these auspices (David Heath shouldn’t have called him “motherf*cker” anyway.) Heck, they could even decorate the venues like Mos Eisley Cantina and invite Amanda Lucas over for the party.