Poor Nate Diaz is suffering from Rich Franlin syndrome: too big to make the cut to 155 without looking like a dehydrated mummy, too small to fight at 170 without getting tossed on his head like a midget. But never underestimate the craftiness of the Diaz brothers to think up a rather unconventional third option if they don’t like the first two. Here’s Nate saying it’s really the UFC’s problem – a problem of too few weight classes.

Unfortunately for him, I doubt the UFC is about to add extra weight classes in between all the existing ones just for the few guys who are stuck somewhere in the middle. If anything, you could make the argument that weight classes are too generous now, with a number of fighters dropping not one but two classes. If I was UFC grand poobah, I’d get rid of the featherweight and flyweight divisions in favor of 155, 135, and 115. I would also electrify the cage and make the Octagon Girls lube wrestle in between fights, so no one is going to listen to me any time soon.

But no one will be listening to Nate Diaz either. Because if the UFC wasn’t willing to consider something in between middleweight and light heavyweight for Rich Franklin, why would they add something in between lightweight and welterweight for Nate? Dude needs to learn how to cut better or really dedicate himself to packing on some size. Or sit out until the UFC acquiesces to his new weight class demands. That’d be pretty Diaz, after all.