The world is a pretty easy place to reside in if you can convince yourself that everything you disagree with is some sort of a conspiracy. The Warren Commission knew this; the 9-11 truthers knew this; and the birthers damn sure know it. It’s a method of disregarding reality that the Diaz Brothers are pretty familiar with as well.

Long the mantra of Nick Diaz, which when you mix five parts close UFC decisions to one part crazy bastard doesn’t seem all too illogical, this judging conspiracy is now being adopted by the younger, more sensible Nate Diaz as well.

Nate spoke to Inside MMA (transcribed my FiveOuncesOf Pain) and offered his take on the situation:

“I don’t think I’ve got a chance of winning any type of decision. So I gotta go out there and do what I can do to try and finish my opponent, try to be the better fighter and win the fight. Either way, if it goes to a decision, I’m going to try to be the one outscoring, outpointing and outdoing him.”

Okay, Nate simply thinks he won’t win a decision, and judging by fighting styles and the histories of both he and his opponent, Ben Henderson, that makes sense.

But then his coach, Cesar Gracie chimed in:

“I’ve never really seen a close decision where the nod is given to the Diaz’s. If it’s close, they’re going to lose. I don’t know why, maybe the judges don’t really care for them much that much; they’re brash.”

Nick lost a slew of UFC decisions back in the day to Karo Parisyan, Diego Sanchez, Joe Riggs, and Sean Sherk. But it was his latest loss, to Carlos Condit that Gracie is surely referring to. All fights were close, and losing every single one of them can definitely take the jelly out of a fellow’s donut. I get Nick’s paranoia.

But Nate has only fallen victim to one close UFC decision, to Gray Maynard. Aside from that, he was rag-dolled by Rory McDonald. Joe Stevenson put a wrestling clinic on him. And Clay Guida and Dong-Hyun Kim took him down and dry-humped him to death. None of those fights was particularly close. Nate did, however, take a very close, split decision win over Josh Neer back in 2008, so I’d say he’s about even with the judges at this point.

We’ll see how it goes on December 8th. Nate is definitely at the top of his game, just thrashing dudes lately. But Ben Henderson is not Takanori Gomi or Jim Miller. He’s going to bring some pressure, and he possesses the mix of physical strength, wrestling skills, and submission defense that has stifled Diaz in the past.

It’s anyone’s fight really, and the only certainty is that if Nate loses a decision, regardless of whether or not it’s close, the Gracie team will just add fuel to the fire of their conspiracy. Then Nick will spark a “J” from it, blabber something incoherent about the 209, and make a video of how GSP aint shit.