(Believe it or not it’s the guy without his hand raised that apparently won. Go figure.)

There’s a difference between seeing something from an opposing (but sane) point of view verses having delusions of grandeur. I’m not sure if Nate Diaz really understands the difference, but it’s clear he’s not sold on the current narrative coming out of his UFC on FOX 7 loss to Josh Thomson. Here’s what Diaz had to say about the fight with Thomson and his subsequent loss last Saturday. (via

“Not really (surprised him with anything). I went in there, I don’t really want to credit him too much for that fight, you know? I don’t think that he should get too much. I think it was more a negative on my part than a positive on his part. I think he might have just capitalized a little bit. I think, I know it’s because I fought and everything, but I think the stop was premature, but, I didn’t want to cause a scene at the time. I didn’t know how it went or how it looked. I was in there fighting and the guy jumped in stopped the fight and I was like, ‘what the fuck is going on here? Why are you stopping the fight?’ I didn’t think I was damaged anymore better or worse off than I had been in my prior fights. I thought I was good to go, but I didn’t want to make a scene. Maybe I got caught with some combos and it looked worse. I think it looked worse than what was really going on in there.”

“He didn’t come in there and put no ass whopping on me. You know what I’m saying? He didn’t come in there and make anything happen. I have never fought somebody before who had ever wanted out of a fight so bad. I expected a fight. I expected him to grab me and try to hold on to me or throw some kicks and move and throw some punches and move but that motherfucker was straight running and I had to chase his down. I was chasing him the whole fight. I was the aggressor. I was restless, you know? How can you not be when a guy is running scared shitless for his life? I’m over aggressive trying to get a hold of him and that’s why I got hit, because I’m over aggressive. I’m trying to meet the criteria to win these rounds.”

Listen, I get it. The Diaz brothers have to maintain a certain – the whole world is against us and we’re just getting screwed in the process so go f*ck yourself – mentality, but come on Nate. You’re dangerously close to entering the Sonnen Zone were reality and reason give way to stranger than fiction deniability. Yet, maybe that’s Nate’s only play at the moment. He’s riding a two fight losing streak and the only way to come out of this unscathed is to reconfigure the actual events that took place Inception style.

By taking the credit away from Thomson and placing the blame on himself it’s easy to see that the fight was lost by Diaz instead of won by Thomson, right? I’m not so sure it works that way, but what’s even more frightening is the fact that Diaz truly believe his own reconstruction. Diaz has fully convinced himself that Thomson’s the biggest pussy ever – even though he won by TKO?!

What about the towel that was thrown from Diaz’s corner? He can’t possibly explain that, right? According to Nate his corner-men are a bunch of “real people” and they didn’t want to see him take any more damage. Whoa, wait a minute… so you were taking damage? Is this why so many MMA fans love the Diaz brothers?

Their unwillingness to concede anything and everything – even to the point of ridiculousness – is valued to a certain degree. It’s certainly entertaining and that’s what we want as MMA fans, entertainment. In the end whether it’s learning from your current reality or making up your own (reality) it’s all about moving on to the next fight – that’s the one that really matters, now.

(pic via USA Today Sports)