Looks like I wasn’t the only one who irrationally channeled his rage over the Pat Healy situation onto Bryan Caraway. Nate Diaz also called out the guy who ended up pocketing $65,000 worth of Healy’s UFC bonus money, and of course he did it in typical Diaz fashion:

Of course, that don’t fly in today’s mainstream UFC and the hammer was dropped pretty much immediately:

“We are very disappointed by Nate Diaz’s comments, which are in no way reflective of our organization,” the statement read. “Nate is currently suspended pending internal investigation and we will provide further comment once the matter has been decided.”

And in what I assume is an attempt to show this may not be like the oh so brutal suspension Matt Mitrione suffered through for two whole weeks:
Meanwhile, Nate’s manager Mike Kogan thinks people just misunderstood Diaz’s exotic NoCal colloquialisms:

“Guess what? The word f—-t, at least in Northern California, and where Nate is from, means bitch. It means you’re a little punk. It has nothing to do with homosexuals at all. So when Nate made the comment that he made, he didn’t make it in reference to homosexuals or calling Caraway a homosexual. He just said it was a bitch move.”

This reminds me of that time King Mo tried to explain that calling a female NSAC commissioner a bitch was totally cool because we live in a more inclusive world now where anyone can be a bitch regardless of gender.