We already know that Natasha Wicks has a variety of neat interests, but now we learn she’s such an avid runner that she plans on trying to compete on the national and international level, with an eye towards the 2016 Olympics.

RL: When do you know if you’ve qualified for the Olympics, and what do you have to do to qualify?

NW: You have to be running. First of all, you submit your time that qualifies you for the Olympic trials, and you don’t want to lie about that because you will be thrown out of the water if you are not at that level. Everyone is asking why aren’t you doing it this year. Because I know I’m not ready, I know I’m not running that time or even close to that time at this point, because I have maintained my running, and I have maintained a high level of fitness, but I haven’t raced as hardcore as I have in the past. It really is about just that, a running time competing at a level that is in the Olympics. I have to finish in the Top Three to qualify.

RL: What is the record time for a 10K in the Olympics?

NW: For a woman, it’s 30:17; the world record is 29:31. Those times were run on a track, which is a flat course, and I’ve never actually run a 10K on a track except for when I was back in college, and that was when I was injured and blocked it out of my mind. But on a rugged, cross-country course with hills, I ran a 36:15. It sounds like a huge difference, but take in the facts that there are hills and I wasn’t in the best shape that I know I could be. I was just in good shape, but not the best shape.

RL: So is everybody telling you that you’ve got the right stuff to do this?

NW: Everyone is encouraging, and everyone is, like, wow, that is awesome, go for your goals. I don’t know how many of those people believe that I can do it, but it really doesn’t matter if other people think I can do it. It’s more of I know I want to try, and it is my passion. I just love to run, so what better thing to do than to try for the Olympics.

I’ve always referred to myself as Secretariat; the horse had the best of both worlds. The horse’s father, the stallion, was really fast, he had all the speed, and then his mother was an endurance horse, she just had great endurance. Well, my mom Caroline Woodbury was the first woman to ever have a state title for cross-country in Nevada, and my mom always had really great endurance. And my father Bruce Roberts was actually a sprinter. So I’ve always thought I was a natural athlete.

No offense to chicks who are just hot for a living, but after face, boobs, butt, abs, and vagina, the hottest thing about a chick is when she’s into cool stuff. A vague affection for music or creating art is okay, I guess. But deciding you’re going to Olympics something is on a whole other level. Good luck, Natasha! And I look forward to pictures of you looking uber-fit on the way to your quest for world domination!