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On Friday night we shared an interesting picture of Rin Nakai weighing in wearing a tasteful bit of lacy lingerie. That pic was shared on Facebook by her opponent Danielle West, who at the time wasn’t sure if their fight would happen because she missed weight by 2 pounds. Well, the fight did take place but there has been a crazy amount of controversy due to how the people at Pancrase handled the situation. It sounds like they basically used the weight as an excuse to bend West over a barrel and fuck her six ways from Sunday. Fighter Celine Haga details the situation:

(They) wouldn’t even allow her to use her entrance music. They played mind games with her the whole day of the weigh-in — Telling her the fight was not going to happen, asking her to weigh in at the same as her weight on fight day, not showing up with a translator at the weigh-in as they said they would, not letting her fight with the same rules.

No chokes, no knees. Nakai’s game plan was one thing, takedowns! So no danger for shooting or clinching.

Those weren’t the only roadblocks to winning. In fact, nothing West could have done would have resulted in a W for her. From her own mouth:

Even if I had knocked her out the fight would have been a draw. Apparently they changed the rules before the fight when that dude made his announcement. He was saying that if I won, the fight would be ruled a draw or a no contest and the title would remain vacant. There was no scenario where I was able to officially win the fight or get the title so I literally fought a losing battle.

Further proving her point, the fight would have resulted in a draw anywhere else in the world. But in Japan:

In the end, the scores were 30-30, 29-28, & 29-28. Although this would have been a majority decision, but in Japan, each judge must decided a winner. The undecided judge ruled in favor of Nakai. Nakai becomes Pancrase’s first Bantamweight Queen by unanimous decision, improving her record to 13-0-1.

The really unfortunate part of all this is this was probably Danielle West’s last fight. What a shitty way to go out…

I can no longer afford to compete financially and after this last outing, fail to see any value in the emotional cost of the camps and hassles with promoters either. I am finished with trying to source revenue to cover training and physio costs, pouring so much time and energy into training when I could be spending it with loved ones or on other pursuits where I am not going to be set up to fail in order to promote an opponent.

Japan has always had a rep for shady actions that disadvantage foreign fighters – the history of PRIDE is riddled with such tales – but it’s been a while since we’ve heard of a case as blatant as this. Shame on you, Pancrase!