For those of you who are saying “Wah wah, the Rich Bergeron interview is too long, I can’t pay attention to anything longer than 20 minutes that doesn’t have nipples attached”, I say you really really should go take a listen! Not just because it’s interesting and 6 months from now when the story blows up you’ll feel really smart for being in the know, but because of the hardships I endured recording this for you.

As you know, I like to losen up for radio shows by downing several beers and energy drinks. I call it my ‘upper downer mixer’ … it’s fucktastic. Unfortunately halfway through the interview I had to piss – like cold chills and shaking legs piss. I didn’t want to interrupt Rich … we were right in the middle of some really good stuff. I’d quantify it as ‘Radio Magic’, even. So rather than stop the interview I peed in the top of a cd spindle. For you guys.

So go check out the interview. Make my pee shame worth it.