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So the holidays are upon us. It is a time for family, drinking, giving, drinking, eating to excess, drinking, and self-reflection. Some people vow to quit smoking, some to get a life, others to stop trolling and for some of us we make a resolution to get back into that shape we were once in so many years ago. We never stick to it of course but it sure is self-motivating to talk about it prior to the fact.

Enter James Mason. This beast of a human used to weigh over 550Lbs (250KG) less than a year ago. He has since lost over 220Lbs (100Kg). His weight loss is directly attributed to Maui Thai and MMA training. His story is a little bit extreme in the sense that his resolution to lose weight came after the docs told him he had 5 years left if nothing changed. He flew out to Thailand to train and adopted a life style centered around MMA and Maui Thai. He fell in love with the training and was able to achieve his goals. It serves as a reminder that MMA training isn’t just for getting into a cage and fighting, it can also be used to help achieve a healthy lifestyle.

So if you are one of those people that are planning to trade the couch for the treadmill, look into MMA training at your local MMA gym. It probably will make the difference this time around.