Based on their classy portrayal of the American Guido and Teenage Mother, I can’t wait to see how their Redneck MMA show turns out:

MTV is getting in the fighting spirit with “Caged,” a new docuseries that chronicles a group of high school graduates who find self-esteem by engaging in mixed martial arts.

“Caged,” which takes places in rural Louisiana, examines twentysomethings who gather to fight in cages — all the while trying to figure out what to do with their lives. Series is set to go into production shortly and will likely launch in 2012.

“We’re always looking for subcultures to explore and do a deep dive into their lives,” MTV programming topper David Janollari told Variety. “What I love about the show is that it’s not just about fighting, but examining life in everytown America.”

Janollari said the fights will likely be shown in each episode, all leading up to a bigger fight later in the season. The bouts are intense but aren’t so graphic that they would offend viewers.

I suppose this is a natural progression for MTV … they were starting to have problems with their reality stars assaulting eachother on a regular basis. What better way to get rid of pesky assault charges and police interferance than adding a cage where anything goes?

(via MiddleEasy)