I have an admission to make: I like Mr Sunshine. Who’s that, you might ask? I’m still not 100% sure. The guy’s name is Steve Cofield and he’s a jock for Fox Sports radio that may or may not be nationally syndicated. I couldn’t tell you … I didn’t even know AM radio still existed, let alone who’s on it or how it works.

Regardless, when I started seeing links to his site I wasn’t impressed at first. The guy has managed to take a simple wordpress blog and ugly it up worse than a Geocities site circa 1994. Him and the ProElite guys should get together and teach a course on how to make websites shitty. Please buddy … learn how to format your pictures.

But then I looked past the superficial shit and listened to a couple of his audio clips, which is the meat and potatos of the site. And it’s pretty good shit.

The reason I like Steve is that he asks the hard questions, and if the guy tries to duck them he just keeps asking. He’s also confrontational and loves to fuck with people. He took an audio clip of Sam Caplan ripping on Chuck Liddell’s performance and played it back for John Hackelman. Hijinx ensued. So in general I’m happy that we’ve got a guy like Steve who has good access through his radio show and isn’t all about slurping cock like Kevin Iole is.