If you’re someone who loves delicious irony then today is you’re day. Shonie “Mr International” Carter got wasted in California and woke up in TURKEY. Being Mr International, you’d figure he’d have a handle on such situations but it looks like he’s stuck:

Ok last time I was in california when it all starterd, but this time I have really messed up! I was out one night pARTYING IT UP AND BEFORE I knew it, I am on a private jet. I laughed at first and passed out on the plane. I woke up in istanbul, turkey. The reason I know because I am looking at the Black sea! WTF! I got a ride to bulgarian/ turkish border looking for American Embassy. Does anybody have any ideas on how to get back? The onetime I leave my friggin passport at home I need the damned thing! Somebody let bodybag76 and Immaculata know to message me here please! I am in hotel business center and my 2 cellphones don’t work. I forgot all about that! Help me
Mr. International

Sam Caplan has more on the situation including confirmation that while Shonie’s story might seem far fetched, he does indeed seem to be working his way from Turkey to Bulgaria at the moment. One would figure that a smart man would hit the first US Embassy in sight, but those who know Shonie know that he seems to subconsciously enjoy sabotaging himself on a regular basis and making life harder on himself.