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Mousasi has looked like a bit of a mess since he started fighting in the States. Sure, we could just chalk this up as one more superstar from the Japanese scene learning his real place on the international ladder of hard knocks. But I’ll still hold onto the hope that Gegard is just struggling through a rough patch and will return to form with a little help. Specifically in his training:

“I think, because I don’t have good training. I have only one trainer. And that’s wrestling, they were helping me with technical wrestling. But I don’t have a conditioning trainer, I don’t have a standup trainer, I don’t have a jiu-jitsu trainer. I don’t have any good sparring partners, high level. I don’t have a nutrition(ist). I don’t know what all these other fighters have. I mean, I think there’s a huge (room for) improvement there. Next fight I’m going to train in the US with a good camp.”

At least he seems to understand his issues. “My training sucks, I am lazy, I do not take this things serious enough.” Jeez, Gegard. Leave some shit-talking to us, will you?