The newly crowned Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, fresh off his emotionless drubbing of Babalu, talks to about his boxing ambitions and take a swipe at Anderson Silva all in one fell swoop: Do you feel like you passed the test and boxing is seriously in your future?

Gegard Mousasi: Yeah, definitely. It will be this year that I will hopefully be fighting on Showtime or definitely next year. I’m going to take it step by step and I won’t do it like Anderson Silva, who wants to fight Roy Jones Jr. right away, I would take it step by step. For me, I can also make a career in boxing. I want to see how the first couple of fights go before I even begin thinking of any big names in boxing.

Mousasi has quickly become the new darling of the interwebs – he’s twenty four years old, sports a 26-2-1 record and absolutely decimated his recent competition across a wide variety of weight classes. I don’t blame him for looking at boxing as a new challenge – he doesn’t exactly have much to do in Strikeforce right now (when Bobby Southworth is your toughest competition, that ain’t good), and DREAM has him participating in a freakshow tournament.

But MMA fighters fucking around in boxing has not worked out for the majority that dare try. KJ Noons, let us not forget, turned down a fight with Nick Diaz on CB motherfucking S and more recently a Strikeforce title fight with Josh Thomson so he could focus on his boxing career. He then became the undisputed champion of the world and made millions of dollars, so all the doubters like me can suck on that.

Still, I give Gegard a pass on fucking around because he’s trying to do it a smarter way than Anderson is, he’s super young, he started as an amateur boxer and he’s just King Shit of the Universe right now after the way he’s smashed everyone.