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Snuggled into an MMA Junkie article about TUF 16 also-ran Smilin’ Sam Alvey (19-4-1) getting an immediate title shot with the Maximum Fighting Championship is this little tidbit:

Twelve of the show’s 16 cast members, including Alvey, were cut from the organization following its regular-season run on FX.

It’s not explained how they know this, but their math seems to check out.  We already noticed that only the finalists were on the finale, and the only other names appearing on future cards are fellow semi-finalists Jon Manley versus Neil Magny at UFC 157 (presumably balls deep in the prelims).

For those who watched the series, this should come as no surprise.  Not that the talent level was really so much worse than previous years… for example, last season’s entire cast was invited back, and I doubt anyone could make a convincing argument that all of those guys were better than 75% of these.

No, the issue this season was the apparent lack of desire to win, or at least to finish, displayed by far too much of the cast.  The qualifying fights were stacked with finishes, but once the guys made it into the house, we got seven straight boring decisions, with several topped off by completely ass-backwards judging to boot. Dana declared it an embarrassment, and when the seventh included what he labelled “one of the shittiest rounds in TUF history” (a claim no one disputes), he went to the house to give yet another “do you wanna be a fuckin fighter?” speech.  A speech that seemed to fall on deaf ears, and which some guys openly disagreed with… perhaps not the wisest career move.

Not at all surprised by the mass layoff is Coach Roy Nelson, who above says he would have picked an entirely different cast if it were up to him, ones that weren’t just auditioning for a reality show.  Again, how is this different from previous seasons?  Anyway, Nelson’s coaching was plainly as half-assed as the fighting, but of course he blames his team’s criticisms entirely on their own general suckyness.  Considering that Team Carwin fared no better, perhaps he has a point.