I’ve made it my mission to track Tito Ortiz’s statements regarding signing with the UFC along with Dana White’s comments regarding Tito Ortiz being a loser. When Tito Ortiz finally leaves the UFC, I’ll post up a graph showing my groundbreaking theorem: that owners who treat workers like shit don’t keep the workers. I’m sure it will be a groundbreaking revelation to Dana White and all executives who have never worked a shitty job for an asshole boss.

The latest comment from Tito:

Tito Ortiz: The next fight will be my last and then I’m a free agent. Then I’ll make the decision with to stay with the UFC or go elsewhere.

MMANews.com: What are your feelings on that?

Tito Ortiz: My gut feeling is to stay with the UFC, but negotiating with Dana [White] is such a hassle that it could be a waste of my time. It’s such a headache. The guy lies all the time. It’s non-stop. I don’t know. I talked to Lorenzo Fertitta a week or so ago and things went well so I may just work with him and hopefully create a big business venture with him and get it done.

MMANews.com: So you are still having problems with Dana?

Tito Ortiz: Yeah, it’s just one of those things you know? Dana just wants to be a superstar.