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We’ve already heard Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller describe the incident he felt was responsible for Dana White insta-firing him at the UFC 146 post event press conference. But now it sounds like that was the only little tiff he got into with UFC staff that night. Mark Munoz talks about a¬†separate¬†incident after the fight:

“He went in the back, saw something that he wanted and they told him that he couldn’t have it. He just walked off and said something underneath his breath. He didn’t throw things or wasn’t anything like that. He just said something underneath his breath and then people just got upset by that. And I’m not gonna tell you everything out of respect for Mayhem but to tell you the honest to goodness truth, he didn’t act out. He went back there and saw something he thought he coulda have, he couldn’t get it and he was upset after that and walked off. That’s the honest to goodness truth and I heard what people speculated what happened but that’s what happened.”

Mark is awful vague regarding that certain unnamed something Miller wanted, which of course implies it’s the most interesting part of the story. Fighters Only claims the object in question was a beer, which certainly seems to be iffy enough to kinda justify UFC staffers telling him no. Also vague was whatever Mayhem said under his breath. The staff in question was allegedly female, so maybe he pulled a Mo. Burt Watson argument + dogsh*t fight performance + verbally dissing another staff = a botched savings throw vs getting canned. Not that the CB fight wouldn’t have done it on it’s own. Even a natural 20 wouldn’t have done much after that.