Yeah, I’m pretty interested to see how this ‘Rampage quitting fighting’ thing turns out, too. My guess is the whole thing gets ironed out in a week or two max, and I wouldn’t be surprised if everything is sorted in time for them to address the situation on their new TUF post show.

The main reason: money. Hey, it fixes everything, which is why so much shit around Fightlinker stays broken. But there’s one other big reason I don’t think Quinton is going to disappear and while I don’t expect this card to turn in public, I bet it will come out in private if things get rocky: the UFC is extremely litigious and I have no doubt they’ll take Rampage (or even the movie studio making the A-Team) to court. While it is technically impossible to sue someone to force them to fight, it is possible to sue them for lots of money because they signed a contract to appear on the Ultimate Fighter and fight Rashad Evans.

I suppose there’s always the rare chance that the UFC’s coven of blood sucking lawyers might have screwed the pooch and not locked in some kind of iron clad arrangement here. But even that won’t stop the UFC from bringing Rampage to court if he decides to fuck them over, and trust me: leaving the biggest season of TUF hanging with no final fight is a major fuck-over. It doesn’t even matter if they don’t have a very strong case. The UFC has proven time and time again that they don’t just go to court to win, they go there to bleed you dry and jack up your lawyer bills into the millions.

Long story short, if Rampage thinks he’s rich enough to stop fighting, he won’t be by the time the UFC gets done with him in court. Will they win? I have no idea. But they’ll get their pound of flesh one way or another.