A lot has been made of Lyoto Machida’s request for ‘Anderson Silva money’ in order to step in against Rashad Evans. Now Sherdog has some quotes direct from Machida’s mouth on what that was all about:

“I wanted a guarantee to fight [Evans at UFC 133],” said Machida. “My manager, ‘Joinha’ [Jorge Guimaraes], called me and I said at first that I was excited to be in the lineup. But, after meeting with my team, we saw that it wouldn’t be a good idea, especially because Dana White wanted me to travel to the U.S. immediately to have my training camp there. Many of the members of my corner don’t have visas right now. Then, I said, ‘If you want me to fight, pay me as a champion. Pay me like you pay Anderson Silva.’”

“A man approaches you wanting to buy your house, but you don’t want to sell it,” said Machida. “So then, you ask for a higher price. You want it? Then pay what I’m asking. I can’t put my career at risk with a bad showing. I think I’d have more to lose than to win in that fight. I have a name in the company. I don’t fight without being prepared, even when I lose. I can’t step in and take the chance of having a bad fight. Today, you have to be extremely prepared.”

“If I’m requested [to fight] in a different way from now on, OK,” said Machida. “It’s not like I can’t train in Belem, but ‘pack your stuff and go to the U.S.,’ that takes money and time. It’s a professional relationship. Everything is business and people need to split things. I hope the UFC won’t harm me. It’s gotta be 100-percent with me and them. I want to respect the promotion, my fans and myself. That was my main cause for turning down that fight.”

On one hand, Lyoto is completely right and being totally reasonable saying this is business and everyone should be compensated properly. That’s why you go in and you lay that shit out during negotiations. It probably would have gone over better than saying “Give me P4P #1 money or no!”, which comes across more like knowing you’ve got your employer’s balls in a vice and wanna get a little squeeze in.