Because of some strange disclosure laws in Nevada regarding testosterone testing, we now know that Alistair Overeem has low testosterone – 180 nanograms per deciliter as opposed to 400. But what’s 220 deciliters below normal mean? Here’s MMA Fighting to put it in perspective:

A reading below 300 would be considered low, and under 250 is low enough to open up risks of an assortment of health problems. Low testosterone leads to a variety of problems, among them diminished aggressiveness, decreased strength, diminished red blood cells (decreasing the oxygen carrying capacity in the blood and causing a decrease in stamina) and overall sluggishness.

These are issues that aren’t good for an average person, but would be disastrous for an athlete in a sport that requires the level of training to get through a camp, let alone the conditioning to compete at a high level once a fight begins.

“A competitor with low T levels would most likely not be in optimum condition to fight,” wrote Dr. Sherry Wulkan of the New Jersey Athletic Control Board in e-mail correspondence. She noted she was speaking in general terms for athletes with this condition and not specifically regarding Alistair Overeem.

Meanwhile, Alistair Overeem still looks like someone took three bodybuilders and turned them into a man sandwich. HOW CAN THIS BE?!?!