I suppose it’s to be expected that those who were unable to achieve ‘Redemption’ at UFC 97 would be cut from the UFC’s roster. Still, the current list of cuts have been especially harsh, doubly so if you’re a Canadian MMA fan. In the past week and a half, Jason MacDonald, Jason Day, Vinny Magalhaes and Antonio Mendes have been cut and now David Loiseau, Ryo Chonan and David Bielkheden follow them.

Truth be told, I’m not too worried about MacDonald and Day. They’ll be back in the UFC sooner or later and the chance to season themselves in the smaller leagues could be just the catalyst they need to take their games to the next level. Loiseau … well, his performance was so goddamn awful that you can’t do much but be dissapointed that he blew it so bad. Ditto Vinny and Antinio Mendes.

Basically the only guy I feel bad for is Ryo Chonan. He put on yet another awesome war with TJ Grant and came up just a bit short. Still, it’s always too bad when a fighter gets shitcanned coming off a great performance. Still, the dude just can’t seem to get a card away from the judges scorecard and he’s 1-3 off decisions. Word has it that when the UFC announced to PRIDE’s fighters that they had purchased the company, only Chonan put his hand up when Dana asked “Who wants to fight for the UFC?”

Even for someone with a hard-on for loyalty like Dana White, you can’t keep a guy around when he’s not winning. I’m sure if Chonan had kept his record a little more even like Chris Lytle, he’d have been fine. But come on … there’s no shame in losing to TJ Grant (or at least I hope not because we really need a new Canadian contender), but Brad Blackburn?