Ronda Rousey has already declared that she ain’t going up in weight to take on Cris Cyborg. Now her manager Darin Harvey has even more conditions for the fight to happen: VADA and hair follicle testing.

“She’s been taking male hormones, and it’s not only unethical, it’s freaking dangerous, and you’re endangering the lives of the athletes. She’s coming in there basically with man-like strength or male hormones in her body, and she’s endangering the lives of our athletes.”

“I won’t sign the bout agreement unless they agree to random drug testing throughout the camp,” he said. “From the beginning, from the date that the bout agreement is signed, or maybe even before that point, until the day that they fight. And if they don’t agree to that, we wont fight her.”

There can’t ever be a simple superfight, can there? On Cyborg’s side, she says there’s no way she can hit bantamweight and that she’s actually looking for Strikeforce to release her. All this could just be posturing for a bigger paycheck, but the cynic in me wonders if this is all a precursor to another big fight never coming together.

We used to laugh at boxing with it’s inability to put together Pacquaio vs Mayweather. Now we’ve got some serious superfight blue balls with no GSP vs Anderson, no Anderson vs Jones … we didn’t even get any of those Fedor superfights either. “Oh, there’s no way they won’t come to some sort of agreement so the big fight happens” – dumbass fans who witnessed the non-happening of Fedor-Couture and Fedor-Lesnar.

At least back in the day the main problem was inter-promotional barriers. Now it’s just athletes being picky and difficult. They’ve got careers to manage and futures to think about. This is the last big fight on the horizon for Ronda Rousey. Cyborg has already given Strikeforce a cheap superfight versus Gina Carano. And as a reward she’s basically been shunned by the promotion since her steroid suspension. She’s been left so far out of the loop that she thought her weight division had been liquidated.

In the end it comes down to money. Compensate these women properly and of course they’ll fight. The UFC and Showtime need to put this fight on PPV and pay these women what they deserve. Not only will it grease the wheels and get the fight signed, it’ll show other women out there that there is money in women’s MMA. And it will also show fans that Zuffa is willing to do what it takes to break down barriers and make the big fights happen.