Here’s an interesting chain of events for you to follow: Brock Larson injured himself prepping for his title shot against Carlos Condit at WEC 39. Now instead of just replacing Larson with someone else (a tough task since Larson cleaned out all the contenders and all we’re left with is dudes with losses or one fight in the WEC), Zuffa is thinking of just whisking Condit away from WEC-land and into the UFC. Is this the start of another division getting folded in? That’s what Five Ounces of Pain is reporting.

This whole situation highlights the identity problem the WEC has had from day one. Being bought by the UFC has basically turned them into a defacto UFC-lite, but because Versus doesn’t want to be told they have a smaller penis, Zuffa hasn’t been able to treat the organization like a feeder show (which would be awesome and fix a number of problems the UFC has when it comes to bringing in new talent, but more on that later).

My issue with all this is if you’re gonna fold in the welterweight division, why not the lightweight division as well? I was kinda bummed watching Varner vs Cerrone, seeing these guys fighting over the WEC’s paltry $7500 bonuses when the UFC is cutting bonus checks bigger than both guys’ annual earnings. Don’t tell me these two guys don’t belong in the UFC when you have people like Nate Mohr and Shannon Gugerty taking up room on the roster.

And that just brings us back to the initial identity problems the WEC is dealing with. If you fold the welterweight division in, that means you’re down to three divisions (and the vapourous idea of a flyweight division in the works). If your lightweight division deserves to go as well, something sustantial needs to be added back in. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out the answer: an all negro division. Just kidding, that’s fucking terrible. But how about two women’s weight classes? I know it’s crazy, but if we trust them enough to let them vote and be Secretary of State when they’re on their periods, then why not?