*update* pics taken down due to threatening cease and desist from lawyers. You know, the whole ‘leak stuff and then pretend we don’t want it out there’ thing is pretty lame, Hollywood.

Someone behind Gina Carano’s upcoming movie Haywire is slowly leaking media to the MMA scene, and I’m more than happy to pass it along to you since it’s cool. This is apparently more ‘concept art’ for the film, which means you won’t be seeing any posters like this outside your movie theatre when the movie comes out. That’s probably because these have a European art house cinema look to them that I guess is just too classy.

Where’s the fire and guns and cleavage, goddamnit? You make a poster like the above and I expect a movie about an emotionally confused woman who gets eaten out by her hot co-star en route to a complete mental breakdown. Now there’s a movie I’d see twenty six times!

Three more pics after the jump (via Bloody Elbow)