If I had a dime for every time I’ve almost gotten into a fight over someone’s stupid MMA clothing, I’d have like 70 cents or something. I’m not dumb enough to mock a muscle head to his face over his rhinestone encrusted dragon jizz lifestyle wear, but when you’re at an MMA event you never know when there’ll be an equally beefy guy standing right behind you wearing the exact same shirt.

Something worth knowing: if they’re dumb enough to wear that sh*t, they’re dumb enough to punch you in the face over it. And that can have serious consequences, as this tragic story from Illinois will show you:

The two punches that left a south suburban project engineer blind and paralyzed came as three people enjoying a summer night took shelter from the rain, according to testimony at a Will County bench trial Monday. It was triggered by a seemingly innocuous comment over a bloodstained white T-shirt with a graphic design that is popular, a police sergeant testified, among mixed-martial-arts fans.

Minette, now 28, testified that she noticed a spot on Messina’s right shoulder. “Excuse me, you have something on the back of your shirt,” she said.

She testified that Messina turned his head and responded, “Don’t worry about it — it’s just blood.”

Minette testified that she and Bartels both thought “that’s odd” and Bartels told Messina “he should take care of that.”

The comment sent Messina into a rage, she testified. “He kind of just (started) yelling,” she said. “‘It’s going to be your blood.'”

Bartels and Minette were moving away when she heard “a loud crack” behind her and turned to see Bartels sprawled out on the pavement, with “blood pooling around his head,” she testified.

Bartels survived the attack but was left with such massive brain injuries that he now lives in the dining room of his mother’s Tinley Park home, his mother, Jan Bartels, said after court. “He had a very bright future ahead,” she said. “Now every day is a challenge. Every day I have to see my son like this. He can’t move, he can’t see, he can’t speak, he can’t eat. All he can do is hear.”

She plays country music for him on his iPod, but she hasn’t yet told him that the trial has started. His son is now 6, she said.

My. God. If that was me, I’d just ask for a bullet in my brain. Especially after being force fed several months worth of country music.

(via CageWriter)