When Dana White said he was thinking of Georges St Pierre versus Anderson Silva in Toronto, I thought he was just talking a good game for the Canadian media. Everyone knows that the Ontario Athletic Commission has done a ‘great’ job of keeping MMA out of the province, and things didn’t look like they were going to get better any time soon. But now check this out:

So, before the end of May, I am told that legislation will be tabled at Queen’s Park paving the way for MMA to be legalized in Ontario. Now, don’t get overly excited, as the UFC will not be coming here next week. We all know how fast the Ontario government works. I still remember promises of beer coming in corner stores, but I digress.  From what I have heard, it may take up to two years before the OAC is ready for sanctioning MMA events. But we will have them!!! And the other side, is I’m sure the UFC will be happy to lend a hand moving things along once the legislation is tabled.

So it’s a good news / bad news thing: good news that the wheels have started turning, bad news that they turn so slowly that it could still be years before we see any of the results. Still, things went from “Never ever” to starting right now, so we can’t really complain too much about that, can we?