An important message I got via facebook about Japanese fighter Celine Haga:

I have been mailing Celine Haga all morning and what I’ve learned both sickens and frightens me. Celine went to war in a Jewels Deep event a whole back. Her opponent missed weight and Celine being the true warrior that she is said she would still fight. Doing this both gives her and the promotion a good name. Sure her opponent missed weight but Celine knew there were people who already paid good money to come and see a war and she did not disappoint.

Her opponent was given two yellow cards. Usually this means if the fight goes to a decision then Celine picks up the win regardless. Well Celine fought and broke her orbital bone in the first round which is a round she won. Then fought on through the second. The design came as a split and she lost. Then she found out later that the cards weren’t counted and while in the hospital that Deep Jewels won’t even cover her medical bill.

I’m am beyond angry. Here you have a true warrior and she put her life on the line and the promotion just gives her the finger. This is not how you treat your fighters. She not only has a loss but she now has to pay for a 1500000 yen bill. All of you Jewels fighters need to get away from Jewels and start looking for a new home.

Celine is now taking donations to try and cover the $15,000 in surgery costs. 15 grand is a lot for one WMMA fighter to pay, but when you break it down via the scale of the internet it gets quite easy. 750 people paying $20 covers it. And right now she’s already at $9,971 of $15,000. That means we only need 5029 or another 250 people to donate $20 bucks. This site alone gets that many people visiting every ten minutes.

This is a very real opportunity for the MMA community to come together and help one of its members. I’ve already gone ahead and donated (I’m Hugh Janus on the site sidebar. Hehe anus). If you’re not too tight on cash, perhaps you can too?