I don’t get Korean culture. Don’t they understand that they’re supposed to turn on their country’s fighters after a few losses? Akiyama’s last (bullsh*t) win came nearly three years ago, yet he’s just been sponsored by Mercedes Benz. And Denis Kang is on a three fight losing streak, yet he’s currently ballroom dancing it up on the Korean version of Dancing with the Stars. I dunno about that glitter top, but hey … any picture where Denis doesn’t look like he wants to blow his brains out is an improvement.

Kang isn’t the only MMA fighter strapping on some dancing shoes. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will also be featured on Brazil’s version of Dancing with the Stars:

And what about you at “Dancing with the Stars” (Brazilian version of the show). Is dancing easier than fighting?
(Laughs) I’ll try to do it, but I’m focused on the fight. I don’t hold great expectations about dancing. I guess it’s nice to show other side of me, which isn’t the fighter side. So, let’s see what happens.

Don’t worry, Big Nog. If your version of DwtS follows the pattern I’ve seen from other Brazilian TV shows, the dance moves will probably be limited to crotch grinding and face sitting.