It’s nice to hear some Crocop news that doesn’t revolve around his back and forth desire to kill himself or retire in shame. The latest is that he’ll be fighting Ben Rothwell February 10th in Australia, and in an attempt not to suck again he’s switched his training camp up:

“After the defeat by Dos Santos, Filipovic has announced drastic changes in the training methods and composition of Team CroCop,” Croatian newspaper revealed, citing “sources close to the fighter”.

“Marjan Zizanovic is no longer his boxing coach. Instead, CroCop is now working with the Dutch Muay Thai legend Ivan Hippolyte, who these days resides in Zagreb. Filipovic will combine training at his own facility with visits to the Netherlands where he can train with top-notch sparring partners,” the report states.

I’m glad Crocop has expanded his training camp outside his basement, but when you hear the word ‘drastic’ being thrown around you imagine trips around the world and a major MMA camp getting the call asking “Wanna see what you can do with Crocop?” Instead we’ve got Crocop going with the OTHER coach who lives in Zagreb (a dude who already trained him leading up to his fight with Cheick Kongo) and more work with kickboxers in Holland. It’s about as drastic as my diet plan to switch from chocolate chip cookies to the ones with smarties instead.