So it’s official: Mirko Crocop will return to kickboxing on March 10th in Zagreb, Croatia against Ray Sefo. The event name? “Crocop Final Fight.” But don’t get confused … that’s not to imply this is actually Crocop’s ‘final fight’ (it’s not). It’s just to make some extra money off suckers who don’t realize this. From the sounds of it, Mirko may be around for a long time yet:

“K-1 is the sport where I started,” he explained. “This is my first love and I find K-1 more attractive and more suitable for our Croatian fans than MMA.”

“I am the kind of guy that always has some kind of ambitions. As long as my heart beats. I’m not sick ambitious and I don’t want any kind of belt, but martial arts are everything to me. I train my whole life and everything I have came from this sport,” Filipovic concluded. “This fire in me will last forever.”

So long as we aren’t having to see that fire doused with a bucket of sand against monster opponents like Junior Dos Santos. While dropping to sloppy KOs in terrible fights against lesser opponents was bad, that Dos Santos whupping was the point I started dreading Crocop fights instead of anticipating them.