[youtube C0Q5i-fDI9M]

If you had any doubts that Mirko Crocop was indeed taking on the dubiously non-contageous Aleksander Emelianenko, here’s a quick video of them facing off during a press conference. The two will throw down sometime in November, a rematch of their PRIDE fight from 2004 where Crocop head kicked Emelianenko into oblivion 2 minutes into their match.

As for Aleksander Emelianenko, I can’t really bring him up without mentioning the dark cloud of hepatitis that has been floating above his head since being abruptly removed from Affliction’s first card in 2008. Since then he’s been exclusively fighting in Eastern Russia and Northern Caucus countries like Azerbaijan and Borat’s own Kazakhstan. This fight will apparently take place in Moscow, which either means Aleks finally passed some legit tests or the places a big bag of money can fix things continues to expand in this world.