Heading into UFC 145, the UFC finally did what it should have done since news broke that Alistair Overeem has the testosterone to epitestosterone ratio of Superman: they pulled him off the UFC 146 card. Replacing him will be Frank Mir.


  • They no longer had to deal with the bad psychic vibe of Overeem’s test fail hanging over their big event
  • They no longer seem like a participating party in whatever shifty excuse Overeem’s camp plans on serving up the commission this week.
  • They finally get to start promoting UFC 146 (only 5 weeks away now) properly


  • Another mega-fight officially goes down the toilet. F*ck you, gypsy curse.
  • They chose the most obvious and least interesting option to replace Overeem.

That second negative is what disappoints the most. For a promotion that prides itself on giving the fans the fights they want to see, they seem much more attached to the established protocols that determine who gets a shot than putting together the best possible fight. And I’m not even whining about Mark Hunt or Fedor getting passed over, either.

Consider this: six months ago, Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez was the biggest heavyweight fight in the universe. One might reason that there’d still be some interest in this fight, especially since the first one barely got started before it ended. But heaven forbid you put those guys in the cage again, even if it’s the best match-up and would create the most excitement. Because that’s just not the way you book title fights!

I don’t wanna rag on the UFC too much about this – they do things they way they do em for a reason. But it is worth pointing out that they passed up on a much bigger fight simply because Cain Velasquez hasn’t gone through the established rebound phase you need in order to be considered worthy of a shot. Which seems kind of silly because talent and competition wise he’s still the most deserving guy for the task. And it would have been the most exciting fight the UFC could have made.